Long THICK hair UPDO!

Believe it or not this can be achieved in less than 20 minutes!


Hair is prepped with a soft wax to lay down fly-aways at part line and to keep layers from fraying.
Next French braid hair on both side to point where you want the focal point.
Once you reach this spot take center strand and divide in half adding to outer strands. You should have 2 sections/ strands now.
Twist both strands in the same direction tightly when you reach approximately 2 inches of twists, cross the strands in the opposite direction that you are twisting to lock in place.  For example if twisting strands to the right, lock to the left.  This is called a ” rope braid” and should look like a rope.  Repeat and continue until you reach the end of the hair strands placing small rubber band at the end. Repeat instructions for both sides of french braid. 
To finish cross braid a and place on head in a circular motion making sure that your ends are not visible.  Take Bobby pins and secure around edges.


~ by mobilehairgirl on June 10, 2013.

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